artful:minds is an online community dedicated to nurturing artistic talents and fostering creative growth among its members.

From painting techniques, tips & tricks, composition, drawing, pricing, selling, shipping, branding, it is to be a collaborative space where artists can have safer and richer conversations in a more constructive way.

Creating art is more about just placing paint onto canvas and hoping for the best. Sometimes the smallest thing can change the entire work and we sometimes just can’t see it. Other times, fully understanding composition or colour mixing would have made the process so much easier and enjoyable.

That is why artful:minds exists, to provide artists with what they need when they need it. Whether in existing content in the community or by getting questions answered. View Screenshot of Online Community.

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It would be easy to say this community is great for every artist but given the diversity of art out there it is too ambitious.

You will make a great fit if you are

  • a visual artist who paints with oil, acrylic, gouache, pastels
  • has an understanding of the fundamentals
  • has been painting for at least three years or more
  • is always wanting to improve & discover what you don’t know
  • who take their art seriously, and
  • who paints in a representational, impressionistic or a semi-abstract style

If you have just picked up the brushes and paints, I would say this is not for you. Yes, you will learn a lot here but our focus is not on the basics. If you are unsure, please reach out to us.

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We want the community to be the largest benefit by making friends and getting direct feedback from myself and others. There will also be inspirational talks/interviews with members or other artists, critique sessions, an always growing resource area and various masterclasses (as we add them). This in turn will provide an accelerated growth in learning.

Full List:

  • Main Discussion Access
  • Monthly Zoom Critiques
  • Weekly Open Studio Hours
  • Skill Development Exercises
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Special Challenges
  • Resources Space (articles, book suggestions, bonus videos & tools)
  • Masterclass Workshops Access at Subsidized Rates
  • Share and follow members on Instagram
  • Featured in Our IG Stories (tag us)
  • Show off your newest work or promote your upcoming show(s)
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artful:minds was created by Michael King, a plein air & studio painter, who after a decade of trying to find a community to thrive in decided to start his own. He found that YouTube and Patreon were too much about the person providing the content and not enough about the people watching it. There was no connection between everyone watching nor a way for them to connect. artful:minds is that way to connect.

As the community grows we hope to add more people to help run, manage and maintain it. It could be you.


One of the main reasons for the membership fee is that the service that we use, Circle.so, is not a free platform and we have costs associated to run the community.

The other, and arguably the most important, is so we have funds to bring members new and exciting discussions, masterclasses, videos, demos, articles, etc. so that we are continually providing new information for artists to use to get where they need more quickly.

Full Access Premium Membership fees are $45/mo* or save and pay $450/year*.

A year of access for the price of a three day workshop, but with artful:minds it’s available at your finger tips 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

* all pricing mentioned above is in Canadian dollars. Choose the currency you prefer in the next steps.


Just click the button below to start your journey.

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